Work with Me


Apply to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering if you wish to work with me. Send me an email, schedule a meeting, or visit my office if you are currently enrolled at Mississippi State.

Research Opportunity for M.S., Undergrad, and High School Students

If you are interested in working with me towards a research-track MS degree, a research intern, an independent study, AP research class (high school), please send me an email with your CV and a concise introduction. There are openings on a case-by-case basis.

Course-Track M.S.

If you are doing a course-track MS degree and want to include me as a major professor, follow the general suggestion on the slides/presentation.

  • The exam typically lasts one hour, with 30-40 minutes for presentation and the remaining 20-30 minutes for Q&A.
  • Invite the professors who previously taught you as instructors to the committee and select their courses to present as your main content.
  • One reasonable content distribution is around 10 slides for each course, for a total of 30 slides, plus around 3 slides before that as an introduction, and one slide at the end.
  • Request feedback on slides from all committee members 1-2 weeks prior to the exam
  • Schedule a meeting with the committee members one to two months prior to the exam, and allow approximately two weeks for selection using Doodle or when2meet.

Project-Track M.S.

  • replace the course-related content above with your project content.

Course Override

If a course is full and you still desire to enroll, check with your major professor or department to see if your registration has been released. Then submit your override requests at the following web address:

Assistant Professor

My research interests include graph learningwith particular interest in graph dynamics.